Self Publishing

Espresso Book Machine

The patented Espresso Book Machine® (EBM) makes a paperback book in minutes, at point of need. Through its EspressNet® software system, books can be ordered online or onsite at bookstores, libraries, and non-bookstore retailers. Over four million in-copyright and public-domain titles are available on the network. The technology is also ideal for self and custom publishing.

 The advantages?

  • Consumers – Millions of books, multiple languages, made on demand for you.
  • Bookstores, Libraries, and Other Retailers – Sell (or lend) more titles without the extra inventory; capture the growing self-publishing market.
  • Publishers – The EBM should be a critical piece of your digital strategy. It offers an additional sales channel and greater visibility to your titles. Plus: avoid out-of-stocks and eliminate returns.
  • Authors – Earn additional income otherwise lost through the used-book market.

And we’re Green, since we eliminate shipping, returns, and the pulping of unwanted books. Ultimately, our technology is intended to distribute virtually every book ever published, in any language, anywhere on earth, as easily, quickly, and cheaply as e-mail.

 The Process

  1. You have an idea.
  2. Choose a book size and then write (preferably type) it out.
  3. Insert pictures, page numbers, headers, etc… if necessary.
  4. Design a cover or choose from one of our templates. If you choose a template, tell us the title, author, and provide a picture (optional) and we’ll take care of the rest.
  5. Export the content (and cover files) to .PDF. If you need help with this feel free to contact us. Be sure to include bleeds!!! (If needed.)
  6. Submit the content file and cover files to us in person, on a flash drive or through our HighTail online drop box and you’re done (for now)! (See Submitting Your Files.)
  7. A member of the Mizzou Publishing staff will review the files to ensure proper layout for your custom project.
  8. A copy will then be printed at full or discounted unit price depending on the quantity ordered. If changes need to be made, fix them and send us the new files – we’ll print another copy for you (at unit price.)
    If no changes need to be made we’ll begin to print the rest of your order.
  9. Turnaround time varies on our job queue at the moment and the size of your order.
  10. Enjoy your book(s)!

Submitting Your Files

  1. When you submit the files to us at our HighTail Dropbox, be sure to note the following specs:
    1. Paper type:
      1. 24# (typical paper used for most books)
      2. 28# (slightly less white, used mostly for photo/image heavy books like portfolios.)
      3. 32# (catalogue quality paper used for photo/image heavy books such as children’s books or museum catalogues.)
    2. Color or Black & White content printing
      1. If only specific pages should be printed in color please provide that information.
    3. Size of Book  – Width x Height
    4. Quantity you wish to order
    5. Binding –  Coil (like a notebook) or Perfect bound (paperback book)
  2. Be sure to include YOUR NAME, PHONE NUMBER, PAWPRINT AND STUDENT NUMBER (if a Mizzou student)
  3. And be sure the files you are submitting were exported with bleeds!!

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