Course packets


What’s your teaching style?
Do you use readings from several sources in order to fully teach a subject? Do you use only selected chapters out of books? Do you use PowerPoint slides or study sheets? What about homework assignments? Add your syllabus and lecture notes to make it fully functional. With Mizzou Publishing, you can compile your own course book(s) to fit YOUR teaching style.

The choice is yours
As the teaching environment has changed, so has Mizzou Publishing. Instructors now create their own course books that are specifically designed for them and their classes.

  • With Mizzou Publishing, you can update your course book each semester.
  • Mizzou Publishing keeps you informed during the creation of your course materials, allowing you to modify your course book.
  • Mizzou Publishing requests the course materials 4 weeks in advance, not 4 months like the publishers.
  • Reprints are available within 48 hours. Reprints of publisher customized texts take 2 – 6 weeks.

Unlike private companies, profits from The Mizzou Store go to support student facilities and programs like the Student Success Center, the Black Culture Center, the New Student Center, and much more.

Your concept. Created.
With Mizzou Publishing, you can design your own course book to meet your teaching style. We will meet with you and discuss the options that are available to you.

  • Add it to your Curriculum Vita! This is a course book that you designed and compiled.
  • Want your students to have easily accessible homework assignments? Mizzou Publishing can have those pages perforated for easy tear out.
  • Do you want to have a separate course book for PowerPoint slides? How about a 2nd or 3rd packet available later in the semester? It is YOUR CONCEPT – CREATED.

Mizzou Publishing outside the classroom
Copyright compliance is an important issue in today’s society; new technology affects copyright laws. Mizzou Publishing can help you. Are you creating a packet of materials for a seminar that contains articles or readings? Mizzou Publishing can help.