MU Writers’ Workshop

Self-published author Eric Praschan speaks to a workshop attendee.

The bi-annual MU Writers’ Workshops have now merged into the annual fall ShowMe Writers Masterclass!

Thanks to those who attended our workshop! Check out our photos from the event.

2015 speakers:

Ferguson_Marta_2010 Yolanda_Ciolli brunner_leanna praschan_eric Presley_Annie

Marta Ferguson, a writing coach and copy editor, will speak on the craft of writing and her experiences as a writer and copy editor.

Yolanda Ciolli will be on hand to speak on design and layout considerations when planning and publishing a book.

Author and editor Leanna Brunner will give a presentation regarding the ever-important process of marketing your book to an audience.

Self-published author Eric Praschan, whose suspense fiction books have sold more than 16,000 copies, will speak about his authorial experience including self-publishing and promoting his novels as e-books.

From ACE Publishing, Annie Presley will talk through the process of how her first self-published book (prepared by Mizzou Publishing) found great success after careful marketing and promotion.

All of our guest speakers will join Mizzou Publishing Authors Linda Runnebaum, J. Michael McGee, Arthur Mehrhoff, and Riley de León for book signings and to answer questions during the Workshop.

Burgeoning and seasoned writers can learn about the process from concept to finished product. Mizzou Publishing staff will also be on-hand to answer any questions you have about self-publishing.

This workshop is free and open to the public, and refreshments will be served. We’ll be located on the lower level of The Mizzou Store. We’ll see you there!

A downloadable parking map is available for viewing here.

If you have any questions about the workshop, don’t hesitate to contact us any time! | 573.882.8567